Yesterday near and far

After a week fraught with new circumstances in both personal and world realms, last night I downloaded Telegram again. I do not use it, and my family tends to use another (social media) application to share moments and forward videos commenting on the ridiculous posturing of politicians in power or aspiring to power. I downloaded Telegram again because I was curious. A Russian YouTuber with a neutral or resigned stance let its “adorables”— an expression that he uses to address his audience in English in his valorous effort to learn the language — know that he would not be able to make further posts on YouTube and could be found on Telegram. 

I have mixed feelings about YouTube (YT) like I have mixed feelings about television (TV). It is a mixed blessing of dual use. Since February 21, I have been watching any news channel that I can access. What is happening to our world?

The YT algorithm dutifully put that adorable Russian on my recommendations, along with UATV English, and I am constantly reminded by the admonition pronounced by the north American comedian and political commentator Samanta Bee at the end of some her vlogs: if you would like to become radicalised, leave YT on autoplay. YT autoplay is an abyss, and the algorithm that makes recommendations based on your viewing history will also send you down a bottomless rabbit hole. That said, I still click on occasions on the recommendations, and on a few occasions, it is interesting. Whether it is useful is another topic. 

That said, from my adorable Russian vlogger, I got to downloading Telegram late last night. Not that I was going into the group chat for the adorables, but that I was curious about the application and how it works now. I had just downloaded it and created my login when I get a chat “Hi”. Name of the user in Cyrillic, and the phone number from Russia. I can make out the letters of the Cyrillic alphabet, but then my knowledge of all languages using Cyrillic ends. I have a Russian friend with that first name and with citizenship in a Western European country. Still uncertain about the identity of the person on the other side, and before I told them off, I continued the dialogue with caution and got a message “I just got to (a capital in Europe that I am not going to name) from Moscow”. Interesting, one more data point that could confirm that this is my friend. Then I asked about the family, and in specific one family member. He replied with the name of his family member and the whereabouts of that person. Relief on all sides. That person is not in Russia, and I was now fairly confident that this was indeed my friend. Then I learned that his Western phone was out of battery, so he was using the Russian one. Above all, he shared his disapproval of the actions taken by the Russian government against Ukraine. We didn’t talk about the weather or climate change.

While I was having an interesting dialogue with my Russian friend who just got out of Moscow on the last Finnair flight, I got another message: a photo from the demonstration in Bern yesterday against the war in the Ukraine. This time the identity of the sender was much easier, an Ukrainian colleague who lives in the Swiss capital and with whom I had spoken on the phone just a few hours earlier. 

It is two people whom I know, both colleagues, both people with whom I have co-authored academic papers, one Russian, one Ukrainian, and both were equally indignant over the plight of the Ukranians and nobody had any doubts as to who was the agressor and in the wrong. It is just two opinions of intelligent and normal people, but I suspect it is also the consensus worldwide. This is wrong in all possible ways. Wrong. 

As to the future, I will be writing more. 

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Good morning world!

No title, no name, no brand


It’s sometimes hard to tell where exactly I have been. What is sure is that the last twelve months have not been dull and at times, they have been trying. 

Just yesterday I spent a few hours at a friends apartment after I had taken a little local tour using public transportation. While I was vegetating and consuming one documentary after another on a large screen television, I also attended to a housekeeping task involving the plumbing. 

My little local tour had taken me to a temple of consumer indulgences in search for an item that was nowhere to be found. Instead I sat on a very ugly chaise that was equally comfortable and had to inform the sales person that I had no place to put such an item and was only interested in sitting down. I spent at least half-hour going through the large retail surface, but then walked away disappointed. That disappointment came together with the realisation that I am spoiled when it comes to the kind, quality and brand of goods that I acquire. 

In the past week I took a little tour to La Chaux-de-Fonds and crossed the Jura range on mountain roads that were less than 3 metres wide. In the middle of one of the beautiful Jura prairies, I found a few cows, some interesting stonewalls similar to those found on the island of Orkney, and there I shot one of the few pics of that trip. What one sees on that picture, besides the stonewall in the background, is my love for certain brands. Yamaha, BMW, and Mammut. 

More later, as usual. Maybe. For some truly fascinating motorcycle adventures do have a look at Itchy Boots on YouTube, or Instagram or whatever you have in common.