Not so wild, but random thoughts on the way from Bern to Geneva

Note: I am in the train and offline. The SBB/CFF does not yet offer wifi. Given that some airlines offer the service, I wonder how long it will take until the rail companies start offering the same find of service and convenience. I do hope that when they do, it will not be as overpriced as their sandwiches. If I had UMTS, of course I would have internet access in the train, but I do not, and coverage is still fairly spotty anyhow.

  • Yesterday I spent a few hours managing one of my management breakdowns, and had to do what now seems obvious, but which had not occurred to until now. Being the president of the FDP’s section for the part of town where I have my official residence – yes, that is what it is, i am not always there – I have the special privilege of sending out invitations to our executive meetings and general assemblies. Given that all of this correspondence is in German, I dread doing it because I absolutely hate the fact that I can not write German without making quite a few orthography errors, and very many grammatical ones. Add to that the fact that the party is still very paper based, and while I love paper and do a lot of printing, I am all for using electronic publishing for the ease and rapidity. These two bias of mine lead to me postponing doing such “voluntary” work at the very last of all minutes. Yesterday I pushed it too far, and then needed to postpone a meeting for two weeks. But what should have occured to me earlier is that I can get all of this done electronically and save myself a lot of slow administrative work. Finally I published the invitation on my .mac homepage (I have not yet had the time to update to iLife 06) account and sent everybody concerned the invitation by providing a link to the document. In addition I quickly wipped up the invitation to an upcoming event and put up the PDF file also on my .mac homepage, and again broadcast this to all concerned, especially to those who want to do a paper mailing. Why did I not think of doing this web publishing bit earlier for this kind of work?
  • On the way to LIFT06 I am wondering what it is that I have gotten myself into, and what will I get from it. Right now it is all a bit vague. I do look forward to hearing what others view as issues and ideas, comparing what I hear with what I think and writing about it. What insights are there to be gained?
  • For all the talk of the virtual world, blogging, technology, disruption, and reality, what seems fascinating to me is that even the virtual world of bloggers loves, really loves to get together and exchange ideas and handshakes – perhaps also other things – in the physical world. Like paper was not replaced by electronics, the physical is also not being replace by the virtual world, they need each other.

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