cocomment comment

Oh! It is idiot proof! (This is for me a very important criterion in using software or widgets of any sort.)

Well, sort of. Some pages do not support it. Blogger talks to it nicely, but I tried it first on Ben’s blog and it complained.

I like cocommnet so far, she said one comment later, two frustrations down.

update (24+ hours later) I like it very much! Given that the baby can only crawl, and not walk yet, it is impressive. cocomments shows great promise. Tracking comments is great, I have been wishing for that for a long long time. Now imagine that I could also manage moderation of them comments with this fancy little piece of code. I hope that the developers have taken due care to NOT let robots create accounts and spam us all with comments…. they do show up on the sidebar before I have approved them. Is that why one needed a code to get in?