Is Swisscom listening?

Step 1: Swisscom fixnet marketing decided to give me a call today. A friendly high german speaking woman starts going on about me being a long time customer and that the fellow handling my account is so and so…

I am wondering what on earth is going on here, I cancelled my fixnet subscription last week.

Step 2: I inform the good lady of the state of affairs, and that I had cancelled my subscription. At this point the good lady sees that her mission can not be accomplished with me today. But given that she is on the phone and did not know about my cancellation, I get a bit weary about the processing of my subscription’s cancellation, and ask her how I can have this verified. Now I noticed that I had really put the good woman into a bind, and then she says she will find me the right number to call. A few minutes later she gives me a number. That was it for Marketing today.

Annoyed with all the administrative crap that needs to be done, I calm down and decide to follow this through.

Step 3. I called the number that the lady gave me. No answer.

Fascinating. I guess call centers are a good thing, there is always somebody around to pick up the line.

Step 4. I get out my file and call the fixnet call center. Wow, the good lady on the phone actually had a record that indeed last tuesday I had cancelled my subscription. Excellent. I was much relieved. I was almost sorry of not having swisscom fixnet from next month on. So I asked the good genie on the other side of the line if she could answer me a question about swisscom mobile – that was an unfair question, these are two distinct companies – but she offered to connect me to the swisscom mobile. I took the offer.

Step 5. swisscom mobile. I tell the third female of swisscom that I have a technical question as to how to use their “mobile unlimited” offer with the mac. The card that they offer is PC specific. She did not have a clue and politely asked me to wait while she clarified. A few minutes later she returns, and informs me that she needs to connect me to the technical services people. Fourth person on the line, a male this time. Again same procedure, he did not know the answer had to go and look. Answer: Sony Ericsson GC99 would solve my problems.  New problem: Swisscom does not sell it.

Well, they are getting better aren’t they? They are making an effort to listen, but there is still some work to be done.


4 thoughts on “Is Swisscom listening?”

  1. I have a Nokia 9300 (and before that the Nokia 9500) and both of them work “mobile unlimited” (GPRS EDGE, not UMTS) with the Mac.I can even sync iCal and the adress book.

  2. Thanks! That is good to know: I will be checking on the alternatives and possibilities next week before I head out to Italy for a few days. The ICal sync is ++++important 2 me.

  3. Be sure to take a look at vowe for a link to an installer that will take care of the nitty gritty with the integration with iSync

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