If ever

If ever you have opened one of my cupboards or wardrobes, what will hit you is that I must be an organization freak. I am. Right now while my cupboards are still rather organized, the rest of the place is in utter chaos. I am trying to do thousand things, most of it amounting to just cleaning up my life, in particular the last ten years and all the material junk accumulated during this time.

My son was also kind enough to leave a whole bunch of his stuff here and I am not sure quite what to do with it all after he told me that it will be up to me to decide. Somehow he trusts my judgement, the trouble is that I do not trust my own judgement and fear throwing away something that might be precious to him. This clearly has to do with my own fears, and not much with him.

If you are reading this, that means that you either got the link from me directly or you have found it on your own by clicking through my more visible blog or as a result of a search engine’s crawling. What is clear to me, and I do not particularly care if anybody else has figured this out, is that I have a certain tendency to structure and organize in a way that I tend to not think is obvious. I like complex structures, go figure!

So, what is coming up next is that I am moving. These will be exciting weeks because I really can barely wait to lighten up my life and the new pied-à-terre is a really nice place with garden and all. These are fun times for me, but then my life has never been boring or unhappy, even in the midst of divorce, depression, and living on a shoe string.