Coming up

LIFT was a truly inspiring and upLIFTing experience. I have attended many conferences over the years, and this one even after a week has left me doing something that I call thinking… maybe.

On the following three topics I would like to share some of my explorative thinking within the next few weeks:

1. Transform-actors and Comsum-actors: an interesting concept, the bare words evoke a few pictures. I happen to think that the road ahead is otherwise decorated not by substitution, but by complementarity. I like legacy, antiques and tradition. Call me old fashioned. (Comtesse, Jones)

2. Transparency, authenticity, integrity and privacy or what all of this has to do with open source and paradigm shifts and what our human needs are and what it has to do with sustainability, if anything. (Scoble, and a few others)

3. Spimes, memes, and spin or whatever that might be. I need to read the book “Shaping Things” first since my ego prevents me from revealing my total ignorance on the subject. I may be a writer and write fiction, when it comes to literature and my reading I often feel like a jack of all trades and master of none, that is, being fluent in four languages is a bitch if you try to keep up with the literature.  I keep away from science fiction, perhaps only because I have had the privilege of examining patent applications, and after that experience there is very little that  can surprise even a solid state physicist with a quantum mechanics background. Alright, I confess to a certain interest in complex quantum systems.

Clearly I am looking into things like the semantic web, and what goes beyond. What if the the web is a linguistics problem, not a technical one?