Choices and Ubiquity

Last friday I received a very nice invitation to participate in the podium discussion on the occasion of the the “Swiss Blog Awards” night in Bienne/Biel on May 5, 2006. I was very happy with this invitation and I decided to decline. Late in December 2005 I booked a return trip on Swiss to Lisbon from April 24 to May 8. While I have a few scattered relatives in Lisbon, I am heading to the Algarve during those two weeks where not only do I have more relatives but also a rendez-vous with a beach, and that is altogether another long story. I welcome public speaking invitations, and I see that the problem of ubiquity is indeed one that I have yet to solve; I would have rather been in both places at the same time.

I am convinced, and time will tell, that blogs are the iceberg’s tip of a revolution in media publication. Although my very competitive nature combined with a pinch of laziness keeps me from “wanting” to keep an award winning blog myself, I find such award ventures to be of immense value in publicizing and informing about the subject of the awards. Albeit online, not live,  I will follow the progress and outcome of the Swiss Blog Awards and wish the organizers a bombastic success.