I have been good, sort of

Not really. I was never good, not even when I tried and failed.

All of this gibberish is to introduce the fact that I have arrived at the conclusion that it is time to reinvent myself, and do some serious reinvention of me.

Alright I have been toying with the idea ever since I quit, partly out of free volition and partly because I did not have much of a choice that I wanted to live with, my last salaried job at what is still affectionately referred to as the Swiss Patent Office and that was back in 2002. One of my former JMW colleagues now runs a café in Bellingen NSW which is an inspiration at all levels. in 2004 he and I last met in Paris and went over a few notes in our lives and adventures, to say nothing of a few delicious morsels. He used to be an actor and after leaving JMW has been rather successful entrepreneur.

Inspiration is somehow all over the place today, and I am wondering what the hell I am doing here babbling about it… it is time to get to work. After all my doctoral thesis advisor was right, what matters is not the job that you start, but what you get done. Still… I have erred in trying to do the right thing and to fit in some illusion called fulfilling the expectations that others have of me.

Work in this case also consists of pleasure. This evening I will be joining Joan Schenkar for dinner. She is in town doing research on her upcoming biography of Patricia Highsmith at the Swiss National Library.

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