March 31

It is been a day beyond categorization. I did get some work done this morning and completed a few pending items.

I met some colleagues for lunch at the invitation of one of them who is starting a new job on Monday. When I left the house one of my neighbours kindly asked how I was doing, and I informed him that I felt like I was running around like a headless chicken. Strangely enough, he had about the same sentiments about his day. He was expecting nine dinner guests for tonight and was only informed of it today… he said something about Americans, but then he grew up in New York, but I do not know his complete biography. That was that. When I left the house I had absolutely no cash with me and needed to go to the ATM first. Gave my colleague a call announcing my tardiness. Got to the bank and realized that I had left my reading glasses at home, and I can not get through a menu without reading glasses. It was the second time that this happened to me this week. I added another 10 minutes to my delay and went and bought one of these cheap reading glasses to keep in my purse, so that they are always there.

At lunch ate too well, had a sip of some good wine, and somehow was sad about the fact that this dear colleague wiil no longer be so close geographically. After lunch I picked up the mail from the post office and was surprised by a real postcard from Anina! Wow, hardly anybody ever sends postcards and they are so nice to receive! Thanks Anina!

Then I came home intent on both registering for reboot and purchasing the airline tickets while digestion took its course. While I was checking on the airfares, my phone rings. It was my cousin with whom I IM almost everyday. The reception on my mobile is lousy inside the office so I went to the garden, and yes it was the kind of news that nobody likes to get. My 80 year old great aunt, and if I am correct she is the last of her generation, died this morning, the funeral is tomorrow. This got a series of phone calls going. Perhaps like all families, we are complicated and in this case it is not straight forward as who talks to whom, and I do happen to be one of the information gatekeepers. A final  honour to my great aunt however is the least that I can do. Funerals are both for the living and the dead, and certainly for oneself. It is a time to think what this life of ours is all about, and it is time to say farewell to an esteemed family member. In this case this great-aunt, a spinster par excellence, she had spend a lot of her time with me and I do have fond memories of her.

Those news took care of the next two hours as I made arrangements to attend the funeral. Now after training I feel more like going to take a nap then to keep on plowing through the pending items.