Wifi at the Lisbon Airport

April 1, 2006

I am right now sitting in the departure lounge at Lisbon Airport waiting for a flight to Faro. ANA the local airport authority has set up a wifi system and there is a choice of ISP service providers from which you can buy airtime. Since I have a PT Vodafone number I have opted for that. It is 5€ for an hour, and you can log off in between and do your thing offline, however there is nothing to gain since the time is accounted for in a continuous manner. Of course you also have the option of buying airtime while roaming on your non-PT phone, however be warned that roaming charges by your provider can be very high. Sounds like a good deal.

What am I doing here? March 31

Update March 4: due to an issue with Blogger I could not post this while at the airport. Since I wrongly assumed that the error I was getting from ecto might have something to do with the wifi, I did not even try to post via the browser blogger tool. It was not until I got back to Switzerland and fixed connections that I realized that the problem presisted and then once more I blamed the wrong culprit, this time ecto. Conclusion, I out to check on blogger status when I have problems posting.


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  1. Nice to see that you’ll be there in Reboot 8. I’m trying to convince sapo to pay for the trip. But I think I’ll go anyway. 🙂

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