Note to myself

To begin with, I am behind in a lot of the stuff that I want to do. It has been so all my life. 

Good things are happening in my life right along all the crap that I have been complaining and whining about offline to my dearest and most patient friends. I think I have heavily taxed a few of those close to me. It seems that I automatically will blab through a problem until I have coped with it in some acceptable way. I could also say that sometimes the coping is done by trying to tell the story of whatever it is that seems so unjust in my eyes. Usually when I am tired and sick of the long tale of misery, I turn it around and look for the humour in the whole situation. Which ever way I slice it, it then turns out that I can always find my ego’s spider tail weaving a catastrophe in desperate need of comedy reframing.

There is a new breeze, and I can smell the moon again.

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