It is late

It is late and I just got off the phone and then exchanged a few pleasant words over Skype with another reboot participant and speaker, yet most on my mind is my favorite geek of all, that geek who has been my inspiration all along, my son. I miss him, it is that simple. He is in California right now, and if I want to do all the milliard things that I leave for the last minute before a trip, then I can not let my emotions get wrapped around on how much I miss him.

Tomorrow I leave for Copenhagen and reboot. There is a lot of anticipation and wishes for this conference, and tons of curiosity and excitement. If today was an indication on how the week is going to be, then I am in for all sorts of surprises. Good surprises.

Today I got my PowerBook back after a new HD was installed. The service technician told me that the old drive’s bearings just wore out. It was barely two years old… Now I need to put my working files back on it and install the software that I will need for the trip. I leave tomorrow with a 20:10 SAS flight out of Zurich.


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