Reboot 8: What have I learned so far? (before the dust settles… and i enter another chaos state)

To begin with it is tough, to say nothing of difficult, to deal with one’s expectations of an event like reboot that has been so praised and so anticipated! That and the fact that i, like a few other people, have been dealing with information input overload since about lunch time yesterday.

The best place to start is however to say that this is so far (June 2, 2006 15:00) this reboot is an excellent conference. Expectations and anticipation are a good thing, but somehow they are not the whole story. In fact these gray emotional states do cloud one’s thinking and need to be embraced and cherished.

The way that I see it, the paradigm shift already happened. We are here and the revolution is taking place. The shift is from capitalism to social humanism.  I am not quite sure what to call it, but let’s play around with the term social humanism along the lines that business is art and that it is all about sustainability somehow. How? We are working on it.

Due to my lackadaisical approach to studying Copenhagen’s map I missed Ben Hammersley talk. I got lucky and Bruno Giussani did blog on it. I managed to find myself as the guest of two different families thanks to the genius of Henriette Anderson Weber who had the wonderful idea of starting “can i crash?“.  Do not get me wrong, I find the experience delightful, however I could afford to improve my relationship to logistics.

I was rather in for a surprise with the talks by Adam Arvidsson that both enlightened and challenged my thinking. He gave both an introduction to sociology and revisited Marx idea of general intellect.I find it both amusing and appropriate that somebody would introduce an ethical economy by referring to Karl Marx and asking how does capitalism looks in its final stages.

I was rather pleased to have JP Rangaswami  (his blog) participate in my workshop, I wanted a challenge, I got it and I will blog on it as soon as my mind gets back to ground state and I can write something coherent, right now it feels like mush or rice pudding. Euan Semple is up on stage and I am going to listen to him.


  1. Hi Dannie,Enjoyed meeting you over dinner as well as taking part in your workshop.Am likeyou also waiting for the dust to settle so that I can start putting the patterns to words that I see in the whirlwind of conversations of the past two days.Thanks again for adding your own questions and challenges to the mix.

  2. Thank you Ton: Thanks for adding to the conversation. I look forward to the continuation of what we started in the Workshop Knowledge Ownership.

  3. dear Dannie , it was a pleasure having you stay here.. and I am looking forward to work on the creativity workshop at swift with you … I think it is going to be amazing *s*btw, the chocolates are super nice… *s*

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