Rikki don’t lose that number…

I got back from Copenhagen on Sunday after a much too boringly exciting trip back. That means that I woke up way too early at 4 in the morning for a flight at 8:15. Took a taxi to the airport and was there much too early, and then almost missed my flight because the gate got changed and I was too immersed in my own thoughts to really notice anything beyond the noise inside my head. All of this because I had a minor upset at check-in, or just because I was lost in the hyper-space of my own neuron activity.  Finally I made my way from the C gates to the A gates having to go through security once more and all the thrills associated with having the rivets on my jeans set off the metal detectors once more. Then the airplane had some sort of technical glitch, we were delayed a few minutes and landed in Zurich ten minutes ahead of schedule.

I got back to Berne and needed to spend some time with friends and reconnect back to the hard-drive of this life. Went to see Volver with a friend in the evening and then slept until noon this morning. The afternoon was also pleasantly idle  with a walk in town and some wondrous moments contemplating the gardens, and the city. Feeling alive is the most grandiose of human experiences, and one of the hardest to capture. The subject of Volver is not an easy one to digest in spite of Almodovar’s cinematographic genius. Incest and sexual abuse remain phenomena that can not be comprehended, much less explained or clarified; it is one of those ugly facts of life. Deal with it we must.

Ok, I have been listening to Steely Dan and Van Morrison, and in some way I am lost in a world of abundance.

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