So, what’s up doc?

Of all my childhood memories, it is Bugs Bunny that I am the fondest of! I love that silly wabbit! He is my true and only love. You could say that he is the man of my life! Television is so out, and it left good memories and a rich cultural legacy that is being ported to the Internet.

Ok, I am exaggerating, and if I am not exaggerating, I am just being silly myself. I woke up rather early this morning in spite of the fact that I hit the bed way past midnight. I was just thrilled pink and all excited last night, and today I have quite a lot of items  on the agenda. Still, this being “the next” and the pages where I communicate with the handful of friends who read it about what is indeed next in my life and what is going on right now that is creating the next, I felt the urge to share a few things that are on my intent list.

My intent list. Yes, I have one of those. I gave up on commitments long ago, like I gave up on promises. The only commitments that I have are to myself, and I never make promises. To me a promise is one hell of a source of stress, and I can only be true to myself. If you need “me” to promise “you” anything, go next door, the next door neighbour may be able to accommodate your needs better than I.

1. Within the next few months I will be consolidating my various blogs and put them under my own TLD.

2. Finally I have figured out on how to proceed with that project of mine that I have talked about for almost 10 years now, and a project whose proof of concept is done and came through with flying colours: tensoriana. I just have shared publicly preciously little about it. This is going to be changed: a wiki is going to created, and it is indeed what I always wanted it to be, a community project.

3. The bit with intellectual property strategy and patent valuation in particular is acquiring a dynamic that I had not foreseen, and I have no clue as to where that is going, all I know is that I have given up my resistance to actually doing more work in this area. My IP hiatus is over.

4. I am thrilled about creating a workshop (or two) for Shift (September 27-29, Lisbon) with Henriette on the subject of creativity.

That’s up!

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  1. I’m glad you decided to join in the SHiFT team and its indeed very nice to know that you’ll be doing such a workshop there.

    Any secret idea for the “second” one?

  2. Henriette and I had a good chat last night on skype and threw around a few ideas as to what to do with creativity in a workshop at shift. We are considering a couple of possibilities and doing a bit of reading in the background.

    I also thought that it may be fun for me to do a pre-shift creativity workshop in portuguese, this would give a good preparation to the workshop at shift itself and it would localize shift in portuguese, although it also limits it. It is a wild idea, I know… but it could be fun and then we would brief Henriette fully on what that first pre-shift workshop produces as result and take it from there.

    How does that sound to you Pedro?

  3. Having a portuguese only workshop would probably do wonders, the problem right now for me, as a organizer is to mobilize people to actually participate in one of those, I would be happy if we managed to fill a room already. I know I’m probably being a bit pessimistic, but the portuguese reality keeps astonishing me….

  4. Yes Pedro I think that I get what you are talking about. I will be very happy when we have filled a room for this workshop. I am woking on the teaser abstract now. Portuguese reality has a fresh sea breeze taste to it, doesn’t it?

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