One of my “favorites” illustrates…

Today after an initial sense of success in having set up in a new location my assembled-from-spare-parts PC which I need to run stuff like Mathéo Patent (see disclosure below) I open endo to look into my feeds and double check that the Internet connection from the PC did not mess up my Airport network, and look into my favorite bloggers feeds under the motto “if you are doing a chore, make it fun” and here I find one of Hugh Macleod’s most recent entries that just made the morning all the more pleasant. Thanks Hugh.

Here it is from lifted from his blog using the magic of endo and ecto: “more lithographs…:
[Click on image to enlarge/download/print etc. Licensing terms here etc.]”
For what Hugh Macleod is really up to in the context of his blog Stormhoek 100 Geek Dinners etc.

Disclosure: I have a commercial and financial interest in Mathéo Software (Marseille, France). I am however not associated with Kula (endo) nor with Apple (Airport) for whose products I just pay like every other twit.

Why do I blog this in my personal blog?
Damn easy and a long story, but just on Sunday I got a call from a desperate woman trying to convince me just of that very idiosyncrasy; that you can not have it all. I just happens to think that the problem lies with one’s understanding of “all” and what that denotes or entails.

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