Just a quickie

Certain developments in my personal and family life during the past few weeks have required more attention than I had anticipated. I have also needed time to regenerate myself from all the emotional demands that such crisis bring with them, and with temperatures above 30 I have all the good excuses as to why I am behind with my pending items.

I have promised to write about the discussion generated on July 12th at the WIPO and have not yet finished. When it is finished i will post it in http://www.uncondition.blogspot.com

Other urgent pending items are:
– Completing the framework of the Creativity Workshop that Henriette and I are doing the day before SHIFT (if you feel like joining us you will need to register for the workshop separately from the registration to SHIFT)
– Sending Pedro an abstract/teaser for the my presentation “Software and Intellectual Property” at SHIFT
-Seeing my accountant
-Writing invoices

That is in addition to all the other projects that I have going.

Tomorrow I am in Zurich at  innovation.tank for another session of reviewing projects. It would be good to blog about this project one of these days.

There is no summer doldrums here, just a whole lot to do. I spent a good two hours on the phone with my friend Stefan, and it was a much needed talk. Gee, it is good to have such good friends! Thanks Stefan.

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