What would you have done in my place?

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My almost dear friend Hugh MacLeod – I do not know him that well, but have enjoyed our beer or wine peppered conversations – does once more put his drawing stylus (or pen) right smack on the essence of something or other that I certainly have come across in my life.

One of my observations is that in life, we have just one. We have one life, and you may or not have a life, but that is altogether another issue.  It is not like we have this mind-body-spirit triumvirate that we use at home and in our family or intimate relations, and then we have another set of mind-body-spirit trio that we take for work, earning money, being professional, and the whole shebang of taking care of business.

If you break a leg and have a cast, that is indeed going to affect your family life as much as your professional life. If you are Luis Figo, this is really bad news, if you sit at a desk or travel for you job, it is just damn inconvenient. Now why is it that when it comes to essentials that are not physical, like mental well-being, then working folks are supposed to be as dysfunctional in one area as they want as long as they keep it hidden from the other area?

Now the other observation that somehow comes as a surprise to me is that while most people go through great efforts and do succeed in giving the appearance of having it all together, the minute you start to look a bit deeper than the first micron of their epidermical being, there is lots of fucked up material there also know as human weaknesses. The coolest people I know are those who know their weaknesses and have accepted them.

There is no lemonade without lemons.

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  1. You mean people who know they are wrong? They are probably wrong in being wrong, too. My weakness is my weakness of weakness. How could I ever be uncool?

    You are apparently not screwed up enough. 😉

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