A rant!

Since blogger – of all things wonderful and google – switched my “tensoriana” account where uncondition resides to beta.blogger all hell has broken loose between my blogs and my writing program ecto. Although I would love to spend a whole lot of time sorting this out now, it is not going to happen until next week. I also suspect that the problem is on the blogger side, so there would not be much that I could do anyhow. The consequence is that posting, especially making corrections to the posts on blogger is a bit of a pain. I like the idea of push button once publishing, not push button 50 times and coerce the freaking software, by hook or by crook, to do what it advertises to do is annoying.
Now, one should not look a gift horse in the mouth, and blogger is such an item. It costs nothing, so what am I bitching about?

Not that this here WordPress is not giving me some grief with ecto…. long story. Anyhow the bottom line is that I will be getting more into how to use wikis for both publication and collaboration, and will trim down on the fanfare of blogs that I have running around. At least this is my intention and somewhere along the way I heard somebody say that the way to well is paved with good intentions. Argh!

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