Not a rant

I watched Yojimbo last night three times: once in Japanese with German subtitles, then in German with German subtitles and the last time in Japanese without subtitles. I figure that if ever I am going to learn Japanese I might as well give it a go beyond counting to ten. Here I combined the very enjoyable with the even more enjoyable, that is, learning and watching the work of Akira Kurosawa. I multitasked, all the while watching I also made elderberry jam.

Tortoise: Now i am confused!

During my years in Munich I had seen a few Kurosawa movies at the Filmmuseum always in the company of my dear colleague and friend Stefan Kaesdorf. Of all the fond memories of working and sharing life with Stefan, it is his enthusiasm for film and the arts that remains most vivid and I hold him responsible for having introduced me to the work of many good film directors. Of those fond memories there is also one joint trip to Vienna that is well etched in my mind, but that is a story for another time.

My love affair with Japan started before I was eighteen back in California, and thirty years later I have not yet managed to set foot on the place or have I learnt the language.

Achilles: Could it be that this is the kind of love affair that better exists in one’s mind than in reality?
Achilles: But, isn’t one’s mind all the reality that there is?
Tortoise: Oh, yes – indeed. Fancy that. I wonder what that implies.

Meanwhile I have noticed that my problems with Blogger and ecto have sorted themselves out without me having to take any action, that means good work on the side of Blogger was done. Well, ah… it is good to not have a rant.