Returning to London

I am going to London for one week in October. The occasion is the “T K Chiba Shihan 40th Anniversary Celebration” and a whole lot of odds and ends that I want to look into while in London. It has been a few years since I last was in London, I do not recall returning ever since I left JMW to later join the world of intellectual property and then writing. JMW had then and still has offices on Swallow Street near Piccadilly Circus.

Yesterday I gave Davinder Bath Shidoin in London a call because I wanted to inquire into the possibilities of staying overnight at the Dojo. Fire regulations in the UK do not make this as easy as it is in “continental” Europe where it is rather easy to have out of town guests stay at the Dojo, thus making it all very accessible. I also enjoy sleeping at the Dojo as that is the shortest possible way from sleeping bag to training mat. The shared meals in whatever provisory or small kitchens the dojos have are always adventuresome and remind me of a picnic.

To my great shame I had almost forgotten that my cousin L is now living in London. After the call with Davinder, I called her mobile and she asks me as the first question where I was. Switzerland, I answer, and ask why but do not wait for her answer and offer the guess that she is in Portugal. The last time that I had called her I was in Portugal. This time it was her turn to be there, so I called her portuguese mobile and then when she was inside the house in Faro, she rang me back on the land line. Have telecommunications ever gotten complex! Only because roaming tariffs are frighteningly high! Add Skype and before you want to call anybody you may as well run some sort of nifty application to tell you what is the most economical way of calling that person!

Before I even asked, L offered that I could stay with her while in London. Mind you, I have wanted to go again to London for a long time but I wanted to do this when I had the manuscript of that second story ready to give to a literary agent. Well, I could always start contacting the literary agents with the manuscript of the story that I wrote in 2004, and see where that leads to. Anyhow…

This morning I got email from Davinder and now it is all sorted out.

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