Issue: beta.blogger and ecto

I have no clue and even less interest in what is going on behind the scenes on beta.blogger, but I am confident that the folks working on beta.blogger know what they are doing, and I will be patient.

I am just a tiny bit puzzled why it was that for a short brief time I did get ecto and beta.blogger to communicate with each other.

I checked the beta.logger issues, and then the ecto support forum, and indeed “ecto is not compatible with the the beta Blogger released a few weeks ago. Not sure if the old Blogger’s still around, but it should work with that.”

Earlier this afternoon I tried posting via ecto to uncondition and nothing happened. However posting from Firefox works rather well and here is the result.

UPDATE (22.09.2006) I am starting to be more than slightly inconvenienced by beta.blogger’s breakdowns.

Here is a view of what happens when I try to access it from FireFox. Not a pretty sight.

UPDATE (22.10.2006) I just do not give up, I like comfort when it comes to blogging and the most comfortable browser based blogging that I have found is Performancing. Here the first successful post that I made after I followed the good advice of BotHack. Next to PFF in terms of comfort is this here WordPress browser-brand somewhat independ tool.

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