Creativity Applied

It is just a few days before SHIFT gets going later this week. I have been working on the script for the Creativity Workshop for the last week, and living right through a lot of what creativity is about: exchanging ideas and IM-skyping with Henriette, having a cat fight with a toothlesstiger wiki, getting the accounting to my bookkeeper so that he can file my already overdue 2005 tax return, fiddling with unsexy subjects, answering email, writing letters, thinking up of excuses, and being me.

I am rather looking forward to this Creativity Workshop because I have a rather hidden agenda that I am about to share with you, that is, that we all – participants and trainers – both learn something about creativity and about ourselves.

While I have lead a few workshops in the corporate environment and the political arena, this is my first one on Creativity. So I had to start at the very beginning on a subject which is so dear to me and which I have been studying for years. If nothing else, creativity is indeed like the air that I breathe, it is everywhere. And like the air that I breathe, it is not obvious, and nobody thinks much about it.

So what is it that creativity is about?

Come and find out and bring a few preconceived ideas, your own prejudices and be ready to face the unexpected.