Feeling like a Mindless Monkey in Lisbon

Achilles: Tell me, what is that I am allowed to do?

Tortoise: Do? Allowed? Nothing.

Achilles: Nothing?

Tortoise: I want a mobile phone that plugs into my mac!

Achilles: Ah… shut up Stowe Boyd is talking, listen!

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Really! i am in one heck of a mood.

A few people are sitting around me, and I am doing my best at listening to what is an engaging presentation, part of which I was graced with last night during dinner as I sat on the right of Stowe and we shared a few impressions, opinions and teased each other while eating and drinking at the Sana Malhoa.

My talk is this afternoon at 14:30 and I wish that I could write faster than I can think. I can not think very fast, so there is hope.