I know a bestseller when I sit on one!

I just got home a few hours ago with a great concern: the sudden urge to go to the toilet. This is quite worrisome as there are some vague residuals in my memory of my mother having some claim about only being able to empty her bowels in the privacy of her own toilet. So when I got home a while ago after over 12 hours on the road-rail-air-rail-road and dinner with a colleague, I do worry about my first impulses that put my head into a spin about what my mother and I may have in common. However my concern soon dissipates as I realize that my first need when getting back home after a two week absence is IT, not T. I have missed my Internet broadband connection dearly while in Portugal, and yes I did need to go to the Toilet. First things first, and so it was that I first turned the modem on and then proceeded to attend to my other physical needs.

So what do I do first? Load a whole truck load of pictures to 23? I have some fantastic ones from the beach. Yes I was at the beach on Saturday and it was hot. But what beach, where? Do I want to tell it all? And I have a few great “couples” pictures… ah! I will have to beam them up. But what do I do with my flickr account? Will VIZTA provide me with a one-click cross posting of my stories and images to go with it? And will it also make it super-drop-dead-easy to upload from iPhoto?

Or when am I going to find the time to write up about my presentation at SHIFT of which Suw Charman took such complete and wonderful notes? I also need to address some of the comments on that post as they are relevant and need to be clarified. There was a choice to be made on a 30 minute presentation on software and patents, and some of my choices may have invited some confusion. I do not particularly like confusion, however it is a first cousin blood relative to software and patents. Speaking about software and patents one opens up a can of worms. I love worms, and in particular, canned worms. I like to set them free into entropic space.

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Freaking beta.blogger and ecto are still not on speaking terms. Bloody annoying.