Notes on photography

moments past, originally uploaded by trafal.

For all my love for the Nikon D70, I tend to travel with the Pentax Optio S4 more than with the SLR. So it was when I was last in London. I walked around with the Optio in my pocket and once in a while I snapped something or other that caught my attention.

This one shot of the Millenium bridge is one that I attribute more to luck than skill. I just love the grey light that is so distinctive of some London days, and in particular, I liked how it was accentuated by the metallic look of the bridge.

Bridges are a source of inspiration for me, it is a long long story. With my long lasting love for bridges and my exceptional relationship to London in mind, I have edited this particular shot and made it – for the time being – the background-header of this blog.


5 thoughts on “Notes on photography”

  1. Superb shot! I always love grey tones! to be honest s a professional photographer this is the hardest color to capture! great shot!

    PS: at the cost of offending you , I need to tell you this. I saw your blog profile photo! and you are incredibly stunning and beautiful!

  2. Thanks André. I did not know that bridge at all. Barely back home, another trip on iteneray, all the great intentions of not going anywhere for the next three months, but already one more reason to return to London!!!!

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