blog fatigue

blog fatigue:
Om Malik complains about Web 2.0 fatigue:

Sometimes all you want from life is a cup of coffee and to hold the hand of a certain special someone.

Before I go on and post a few very very serious articles in uncondition, I thought that I would pay my very good friend Hugh some link-citation-love or whatever it is called and rant a bit about something or other.

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Now, on endo I have over 4’000 unread posts, and I am not going to read them all. In the past few weeks I had fairly much detached from reading news of any kind including opening my blog aggregator. In addition the PIUG mailing list has somehow been on strike and there too I have not kept up with what is moving and not moving within the patent information professional crowd. I have however looked at my bloglines as need arose to do a bit of searching on some open access issues. Although I love to use netvibes for my calendar, to do list and weather reports, I have yet to feed it my favorite feeds. I am reaching a point of saturation with all these web 2.0 tools. I want the internet to work for me, not me working for the internet!

My two cents on what web 2.0 is about is that it is everybody’s playing ground on how to make the internet truly operational and universally accessible, right now it is mostly still for hacks and geeks.

Anyhow I am not pleasantly unsurprised that the democrats are once again a majority in the House and that means that from now on the present president – whose’ name I do not dare write – will not be able to get anything more through. That was the good news, that was in the United States of America.

UPDATE: I posted this on the the next – a wordpress blog – because it the only one right now where I can post without having to hack something or other. That is, from endo I could transfer what I wanted to cite from gapingvoid directly to ecto and then add my two bits without any cut and paste. I do like push-button automation. Gee, it could be that one day I will change my attitude and decide that browser blogging tools are better. Well, they are becoming better, I very much like flock.


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