LeWeb, Non; Reboot, Oui (or is it “Si”?)

I sometimes ask Stowe – and other good people – rather pointed questions in public, like I did in Lisbon during Shift, but then, that is what makes the difference in the substance of Reboot, Shift or Lift compared to what happens when something goes awry.

You may twist your words around and express it like Hugh does, I would simply say that there is a revolution that has already taken place and some got in on what it is, the others are still struggling. A shift in fundamental values is not easy to get. If it was, it would not be a revolution.

From all the blogosphere echo of those present at Le Web 3 in Paris that Stowe summarizes here, something seems to be off, very off. I wonder however that as off as it all seems, if that is not actually part of the learning curve. Eventually they may get it, but then it is like learning to walk. You need to fall down a few times before you master bipedal locomotion.

I had a long and frustrating day and just returned home from what is now a regular event of late night bier doused work discussions with my colleague. I worked on something that I could not get my head around today, and I did not even have a good excuse for it. Then had a school board meeting that presented me with some political reality that I may or may not want to deal with… I needed that bier and the argumentation with my colleague! Sincerity, transparency and integrity are real.

Back to Le Web 3, well, it is a step in the right direction, and from where I am looking at it, it looks like a damn clumsy one. Vive les catastrophes!

Thanks to Stowe for his Français a la mode that I appropriated for the title of this post!

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  1. i like the”Sincerity, transparency and integrity are real” quote – but vive les catastrophes indeed!

    what a mess…

    anyway I guess “they”ll learn – I was there last year and there wasn’t any food to eat =)

    this year there was food en masse, but also the hijacking of the audience…

    next year, I guess everything is going to be really dull to avoid a hijacking of the audience…

    it’s a process, but I must say, if I had gone to le web 3 I think I would have been pretty angry as well…

    you live you learn ?

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