Year’s end training

Jenny Flower Sensei (Athens) as uke and Barbara Imboden Sensei (Bern) as tori.
Technique: Shiho Nage
More photos from tensoriana.

Sho gi kan‘s last training in 2006 is on Friday December 22nd 18:00-19:30. Visitors, friends, guests are all welcome. Afterwards we will party a bit. Here is how to find the Dojo. Children are welcome.

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On the same note, the Karate Club of Berne is also having a year’s end training with demonstrations on Tuesday the 19th, 20:00-21:30 in the Matteturnhalle. This year I have been brilliantly absent in Karate training, and am starting to miss it. Guests are welcome, and afterwards there will be a chance to socialize.