Happy Holidays


Decided yesterday without much good reason or logic that I wanted to change my relationship to this time of the year. Secretly, deep down, I think it is nice that the year is coming to an end, and that one can look back over a period of twelve months, evaluate what worked and what did not, and albeit in a rather artificial way, look forward to another year that will give one’s own dreams a new chance.

There was an experience that I had while in High School in Montréal and that left a mark on me as to what Christmas could be. This year I will follow that line of thought, be mysterious about it until after I have done something about it, and see what happens.

Yes, I do miss my family, but knowing that they are well and healthy is also a rather good state of affairs. I will miss those of my family who passed away this year, and those dear friends whom I can no longer console in their own loneliness and desolation, for they too have parted much too early from this life. Life is a wonderful adventure, but it is not fair. Attitude will make you or break you.

I look forward to this evening celebrating the end of the year with my Aikido friends. When I started Aikido, I had absolutely no idea that these people would ever become so much a part of my life. Over the years it happened, and I did not even realize it. This evening some will bring their children, and this is a season to look again at our children and all their dreams and hopes.

These days, besides my friends and family, there are several communities that I belong to. When I look at these communities in themselves, I am awed by how very different they are. I was floored the other day when a colleague asked me to spell out the word “geek” and then realized that we do live in very different parallel realities. Some of us are the weavers of the interfaces in this world of communities and are creating a technology of relationships in an era dominated by technical convergence.

I may be a social architect after all. That or a few other things that you may choose to describe me, it really does not matter. On occasions I am very loud and clumsy, and I hope those of you whom I confront with my ways, will find in your hearts a way of forgiving me for all my shortcomings, mal-adaptations and insolence.

Wishing you all a peaceful season!


  1. Hapyy Holidays, Dannie. Thanks for sneaking into my life and starting to influence it. You are one of the (many) good things that have happened to me this year.

    Thankfully, this year I haven’t had to say goodbye to friends or family – although it was a close call on one occasion.

    Looking forward to talking with you again soon.

  2. Hi Dannie! I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Let us also send your way our good wishes for a wonderfully
    Happy Holiday Season and a healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2007. I am glad you are well.
    It is a pleasure to hear from you. All is ok on this side of the world.
    Take care my dear friend.Love

  3. Hi Dannie,

    Nice to hear from you, gald your well, thanks for kind thoughts for those that have past and for tthe future,
    wishing you a wonderfull christmas and a fantastic new year, and hope to see you in the 2007, I will be in Zurich in February for a long weekend 10 thru to 12 see website for aiki course
    Kind regards


  4. Thank you all who braved public comments! George, on that weekend in February there is also a Birankai course in Landau with Chris Mooney and Gabriel Valibouze. However I have not put it on my schedule as that conflicts with the after-LIFT conference in Geneva. At this point nothing is written in stone.

    My evil plan for this Xwas has been to do good. I wonder if I am succeeding?

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