The Evil Plan Unfolds

Shortbus is my kind of Christmas flick. Fréderic and I just went to see it on the late showing on Saturday, afterwards he returned to the office to pick up something or other, and I took a taxi back home. John Cameron Mitchell may just not be your mainstream writer, actor and director, however once you get past the first microscopic crust of the visual distractions, you end up discovering a wonderful film with some very good photography.

Voyeurism is an interesting piece of human behaviour, and with today’s converging media and fast connections, it is surfacing in our lives at every corner. Think YouTube, think Twitter, and there you are… almost. The movie is a must see.

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Ah yes, Frédéric is itching to go to Tokyo, and I told him, if he does, he takes me along. I am itching to go to Tokyo too, but not now, not this week. We compromised and decided to hit the flicks in town instead, I have not yet seen the new 007 film, but at the rate things are going, I know that that one is not high on the list. Shortbus, was a good start.

In progressing the implementation of my evil plan, I can now count two cancellations. My almost 90 year old neighbour called earlier this evening to tell me that she will not be coming for lunch tomorrow, and my barely 50 year old friend from Strasbourg has got other fish to fry than to vist Paul Klee’s neighbourhood.

I am rather surprised at the fantastic resonance from my mass email mailing of the link to the Happy Holidays post. Thanks!