The Evil Plan Unfurls

Once more within a few days I just got back from watching a film with Frédéric. This time is was “Je vous trouve très beau” which I was pleasantly surprised by. The title is really corny, and then it is a french comedy, and that would make it even cornier. Granted that it has its really corny scenes, it is the kind of movie that can surprise you. It is nothing that somehow engaged me intellectually in any way, however I found Michel Blanc’s acting to be damn good.

But what else is going on?

I have been very quiet on the blogging front for the last week. Yes, there is a reason, the reason is good, it was planned, and I shall return. I am writing offline quite a bit, and reading. At least trying to read, however that is going slowly as I am reading material that is engaging and absorbing.

Up to the LIFT conference in February I have a rather full plan and there is much happening that is really quite exciting. I will take some time to regenerate in January by going up to Strasbourg for a short Sesshin.
I am not using Twitter again until 2007.