Just Thinking about Sand

It was a working weekend. I am very reflective these days and really charged up. It has been this way since I returned from London, and frankly I hardly recognize myself since then. Right now I am in the midst of projects that I truly like and it is as though my whole world was pulsating with energy and that all I need to do to ride the waves is to relax. Easily said, not always easily done if one has one loud ostentatious ego to love and care for.

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Lately I have been thinking – thinking not doing – a lot about that one draft that I started writing when I was researching another story in Bahrain. This has taken me to the warmth of Bahrain, its contradictions, its barren sandy nakedness that so lends itself as a canvas to a human condition that is hard to describe and yet so palpable. That story that I then started drafting in Bahrain has to do with just that, and to think that what I was researching had more of a science fiction taste to it. As it is, I often get distracted, and more often then not that distraction is not a distraction at all, it is something about having my eyes open and my senses ready to pick up on what interests me.

The most luxurious steam bath that I have ever entered is to be found at the Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel and Spa. It was all white marble, and I would love to return there or so I think, but then, what would I do with the old memories? It could also be that they have refurbished the place since it has changed ownership since I last was there and that that marvelous white marble steam room only exists in my memories anyhow.