The Art of Politics

Yes it is an art. It is a rare art to find people who still know what politics is, and it is an even rarer art to be able to be effective in politics. I just got back from a meeting of the school commission members of our party in the one part of town that is not considered posh, that is Bümpliz, Bethlehem, Schwabgut, Tscharnergut or collectively charmingly known as Bern-West. I do live in another part of town, not the fanciest, but certainly another part of town known as Obstberg/Schosshalde. However although I am not interested in being a politician, there is one issue that is very close to my heart, and that is education. I am not on a mission of making this world better either. I think that it is already a fantastic place full of challenges.

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So when I got asked to serve in the school commission it was clear to me that this is something I wanted to explore, and I wanted to be there in one of those neighborhoods where the challenges are not necessarily those of affluence. I think both the affluent and those on a tight budget face great challenges in coping and growing up in a society that is changing at a very fast rate. Not having been born in this country also gives me a certain bond to others who have found themselves by some turn or another in either their parents whims or the turn of armed conflicts in country far from that of their ancestors. Switzerland does welcome a fair number of political refugees, and without the influx from other countries, the Swiss would have a hard time running their county.

But why am I going on and on about all of this?

After all I returned home and still have a couple of emails to write, and a few things to finish. Tomorrow I am out early and will not return until lunch time. I wonder what I would have done if the paper I am working on with Dirk now had needed more substantial rewriting than it has needed! It has been one of those days that is incredibly relaxed in spite of all the activity. I had a most pleasant conversation with my accountant, after all, there is something totally liberating about talking to a man who knows exactly how much I earn, and how much I owe in taxes. And a whole bunch of stuff…

But what has me rambling on about the art of politics is to see Jale Kutay‘s engagement for her community. She is actually out to make a difference. I like it.


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