Travel Clothes, Airport Security and Labels

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I am not really sure that this interests anybody, however I found it quite amusing to observe today how in less than 30 minutes I packed for two days in Munich while attending DLD and built in a whole lot of entertainment at airport security.

Well, my packing started with backing up the PowerBook HD to the external HD. Given that most of my writing is on this machine, I make sure I have it all backed up. This thing is my office. In a red Rossi CD case I threw in the card reader, the various adapters that I need on the road, the USB stick, and the power supply. The PB, the Rossi, my travel documents, a book, paper notebook, gloves, hat, phone, pens, glasses and cosmetic bag are all that I carry in the cabin with me. This whole gear including the PowerBook go into a tucano special cobra bag for Apple that seems to have a capacity beyond its apparent size; this must be a feature of Italian design.
In what is anyhow a small cabin pull case I put in the rest of the goodies. I always take with me a karate gi. If there is a chance that I go to the dojo, great if not, it is one small item, and if I forget my pyjamas, there is always the gi. If I forget to take something, my attitude is that I can either get it where I am, and if not, I will improvise, this keeps my bags light and provides for adventure in either shopping or improvisation. Besides some underware, toiletries and the pyjamas this time I only packed one long sleeveless black dress and the much needed drop-dead-high-hills to go with it. Besides that this time I have a lilac cashmere jacket that I can wear both with the dress and the travel clothes, a grey heavy cotton H&M men's trousers with large side cargo pockets. H&M is usually where I get my casual trousers, and mostly in the men's department as I like loose fitting trousers, or the kind that I can move in easily. These are a size 30, and I am more a size 28, and indeed are a size too big on me. Besides that I have a cotton zip front sweater that I use as a top. With this trousers I needed a belt, so I am also wearing my heavy-metal belt that had to be remove at security at the airport causing me to almost loose said trousers… The joys of airport security remain unparalleled. I frankly do not really care. I am happy when the airplane takes off safely and happier when it lands equally safe. The 40 minute flight to Munich was indeed a nice nap, I woke up when the back wheels touched the runway. 
Since the temperatures are due to cool I also have with me my most gorgeous long coat, a loden-green-brownish cashmere Escada that I got as a hand-me-down as I would have never given out that kind of money for a coat in that colour. Actually I really like it, even the colour, it is just something that I would not have bought myself.

I have always packed at the last minute, never need more than 30 minutes, and I do try to keep it light, but I have also travelled with bags that were over thirty kilos. I just always take a couple of books besides all the electronics, and writing paper and pens. I have some sort of irrational fear of running out on the possibilities of being able to write, so I must always have paper with me.
I have not been to Munich in many years… and to think that I used to live here. It is great to arrive in a place and know the place, however when I used to live here the airlport was in the middle of the city, and the S-bahn that I took today into town was not even built.