Munich II

Just for the record, my flight did get cancelled last night around midnight after all boarded and had waited 3 to 4 hours. I did not really pay attention to the timeline because I was too busy napping while waiting for boarding and after boarding. The airline, EasyJet, were surprisingly accommodating and the ground staff was helpful in getting the stranded hotel accommodations for the night, and no they did not pay for the hotel. Given that I also did not pay for the ticket, the €75 were not a disaster. Getting a taxi after midnight at the Munich Airport proved a bit more challenging than anything else. There were none, and no phone number posted to call one. Eventually we all got sorted out and it was a good case of self organization and a lot of good will. To me it is always surprising to observe how quickly people loose their cool and start screaming and yelling at those who are doing their best to help them. This was just a bit of bad weather, and not a catastrophe by any means, much less a problem that the airline could have prevented from happening. We all agree that it was an inconvenience, but hey… it was just a few snow flakes.

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Berne is actually not much better on the snow front today and it has snowed lightly all day since I got here which was around 3 in the afternoon. This evening when I was returning home the bus stopped before the Nydegg and the driver announced that since the Muristalden had not yet been salted, he could not drive up. When crossing the street I almost got to do a real life test of my falling capabilities, however I did catch myself before fully sliding down to my bottom. I went to the Belle Epoche for a coffee and did some of my reading. Sometimes I am really glad that I do take my work with me.

DLD observations to follow on “uncondition”. The pictures are up on the account.