There is something like returning home about being in Munich again for more than just a few hours, or in transit at the Airport. I can not even remember when was the last time that I was here, but it was well over ten years.

After the DLD conference and before my flight is due to depart, I have a couple of hours for myself right here. I solved the baggage problem by depositing it at the Bayerischer Hof’s reception desk. First I was starved.

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I headed right straight to the one place that I have in my memories as representing Munich, it is the Augustiner Grossststätten Restaurant and Bier-hall at Neuhauser Strasse 27, just a few steps away from the Frauenkirchen and Marienplatz. The Augustiner has also one of the nicest and smallest biergartens that I know in Munich, however with today’ snow, it was not quite the place to be; the Restaurant or the Bier-hall are rather good places to have not just a bier but also some bavarian specialties. After the waitress inquired into the kitchen and found out that leberknödel is made with 80% bread and 20% liver it was clear that leberknödel soup just was not an option. I had what to most might seem like a totally revolting meal, leberwust, blutwurst and sauerkraut and potatoes. Needless to say that in a bavarian eatery one starts with ordering bier, anything else will have you being looked down upon as a wimp for the rest of your meal.

What has been amazing was that on entering the restaurant I asked if there was a table with a power outlet nearby. I had about one hour left on the mac’s battery, and I thought that I might possibly stay longer. Now, this was one of those silly requests on my side. This is not a web 2.0 place with multiple power outlets at every meter, it is however in my opinion one of the nicest bavarian restaurants in Munich. When I realized what an unreasonable request I had placed I quickly told the waiter to not bother. That just would not do, he went and checked every corner of the place looking for the requested power outlet. Unfortunately the only power outlets found were those in the service bays, and then they were already taken by the various restaurant electronics like POS terminals, telephone and the like. Not a problem, but I was touched by the sincerity of the effort. When I finally settled down at a table in the back, my waitress was again very helpful and up front. We chatted a bit about my dietary restrictions and she was most helpful in clarifying matters with the kitchen staff. I like this kind of service that comes from a sincere desire to just attend to the needs of another human being.

Here I am in Munich and once more touched by the generosity and love that others express towards me. These people are perfect strangers in my life, yet they touch me with their way of being. Indeed, I do feel loved and cared for, and on the verge of tears once more.

They say that you can not go back home. I say that they are wrong. I can go back home anytime, it is not a geographical or architectural place, it is a way of being. It is good to feel at home in Munich.

(composed in Munich, uploaded in Erding from a swisscom hotspot; flight cancelled due to bad weather)