About Geneva and a Girl

I am back to Berne from Geneva following the LIFT conference. I am in very much an absorption mode processing it all. Right now I just need to take care of myself, I need a bit of rest.

Last night I had a scary visit to the Hôpital De La Tour emergency room and am now on antibiotics that have a few unpleasant side effects. It is just a little infection but the symptoms were indeed a bit alarming and given that this is something that I had once before but with different symptoms, I just about panicked for a while until I started to think straight again. The staff at the hospital were very kind, warm and helpful. Clearly this is nothing nasty, it just needs to be taken care of. However it did not prevent me from being at the after-LIFT last night: I went straight from the emergency room to the party. Uhm… OK, I drank just water, chatted with a few people and joined the conversations on the stairway while keeping away from the wild dancing and other efforts. Thanks to all, there is much to write ahead. I shall be back soon.

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