KNOWLEDGE ownership

I will follow up with a write up on what all of this means. Meanwhile for those who have requested the slides, here they are:

Thank you all for the feedback after my talk that went beyond and above anything that I could possibly have expected. The LIFT audience is a truly exceptional group of people who have touched me in ways that I could not even have dreamed of.

Update: The videos are up on the Lift conference site, and here it is the one from this presentation…


  1. boy, you really had a bad day there, didn’t you? happens to us all. Wish, though, you could do it over, but commend you on sharing it anyway. I imagine you had spend your full 15 minutes focused – and what emerges from my imagination I like!greetings,kenneth krabat

  2. Thank you Kenneth for your kind comment. Yes, I had one hell of a day that day of this talk. I have blogged about that day on my other personal blog. There were many valuable lessons for me to learn in going through that experience.

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