The Art and the Beauty

Tattoo Studio Catclaw@Kyoto 2, originally uploaded by TommyOshima.


The beauty of nature: wasteful and reckless.


I started taking pictures as a kid on an old Kodak with a light leak. It has always been a love affair of sorts. At university I spent many hours in the dark room developing and printing black and white after I got my first SLR for my twentieth birthday. Miss that old Canon dearly, and wish it well in its new found home somewhere in Algeria. On film I could never quite deal with colour, then it was always too flat for me, and the whole chemistry of colour film and printing was more than I wanted to get into any depth. I have an undergraduate degree in chemistry, so it was not the technical part that somehow discouraged me. Today however looking at this shot by Tommy Oshima, I want to rethink colour film.

This shot is totally fascinating and inspiring in my mind’s eye. I want to use it for schemata, there is much in it representing what the story is about.

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