Arrived at the Via di Novella. Had lunch with Jacopo while we watched some Japanese cartoons dubbed in Italian and discussed his Internet habits, school likes and dislikes and the fact that he ought to practise English and German with me while I am here. We are doing fine with English, German may be a bit more problematic. Oh my, how he has grown in the three years that I have not seen him! Something about close friends and close family… we tend to not exchange much in terms of digital pictures. 

This trip has more elements of a vacation than I had anticipated; it is a real treat to be with friends from way back when. Inshallah, tomorrow there will be some work.

It wasthe first time that I landed at Ciampino, and I do love the airport code: CIA. Getting into town is easy but messy with public transportation. The Ciampino train station is right next to the airport and is connected by a bus; it is is quite far and impractical to walk from the termnal to the station. At the airport however there are buses going in every which direction including directly to Termini, and the Metro at Anagnina.

This whole trip made me think of how totally friction ridden transportation logistics still are! In Rome I got to buy three different tickets to get to the apartment. None of these could be bought in the transportation vehicle, and they were all three from a different system. I am spoiled that I usually get picked up at the airport, but today I got the joys of doing it the normal pedestrian way. I do like it, I get to see a whole lot more of the city than I otherwise do, and do get to practice my rusty Italian.

It also occurred to me this morning that I was totally uncertain as from which airport I was leaving. Was it Basel, Geneva or Zurich? Finally I checked and was on the right train to the right airport. However this week I have been totally chaotic, bordélique. One of these days I fear that I may be heading towards Zurich with a Geneva ticket… and I do hope that these are all my worse fears!