Chaos and Order

more photos from tensoriana

On occasions I feel the need to withdraw into my own world, it is one of these occasions. It is then very difficult for me to communicate what is going on and it is as though I exist in various different realms. Inside this world of mine all is very clear to me and I have no doubts, it is a magnificent and wondrous landscape. At times like these, I am aware that it is difficult to interact with me, and during these times there are very few people whom I let anywhere close to me, however the attention, nurturance and unconditional respect of those few is essential.

I am aware of the oddity of such behaviour and I can control it. I also need these times, they are part of my being. These are very productive times for me, lots of reading, thinking, drawing and writing. I thank all of you who know how to respect this very peculiarity in my behaviour.