BarCamp Switzerland March 24 in Zurich

Under the motto “ein mal ist kein mal” or however it is that it is written, I have made plans to be at BarCampSwitzerland this Saturday and present a little about “Why Blogging is not about Blogging, and other Mysteries of Theoretical Man” as announced in the unAgenda.


  1. I would write “Einmal ist keinmal”, but after the Rechtschreibreform very few people would know for sure. But does that imply you would never attend a BarCamp/BlogCamp again?

  2. Thanks Peter! I would not go as far as saying that I would never attend one again, it was just that I had not idea of what to expect as I had never attended one. I did like the format from the theoretical point of view, but these formats are always difficult to implement. In a way one can look at it as tough BarCamps are always one of a kind, and thus not repeatable. Each subsequent BarCamp will be different, and yesterday is gone, archived and promoted to memories and lessons learned.

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