Laughing Out Loud

Really! I have not had such a good laugh in a long while as I have had with this bit that came across my Bloglines radar.

Well, I actually am always stunned as to what the search strings read that land people on this blog… Stunned is perhaps not even the good expression, but it does give me a reality check on how search is being used.

Who needs television these days anyhow? Between twittervision and the search strings, one can find entertainment at any time! Now combine the two, and you have something that would be real crack! Imagine that google would turn evil… or just develop a sudden distorted sense of humour…

Through the occasional glance at the search strings I now know what kind of information people out there would like to know about my good friend Juba Nour whom I am rather fond of quoting, for he is sometimes totally quotable.

And then during the Geneva Auto Salon last week, the searches for “hot girls Geneva” or just “girls Geneva” did bring here a lot of visitors too! This one I have to thank Tom Purves and my own little insignificance… I wish I had a camera to see their expressions when what they find is well… perhaps not quite what they were looking for. Call this lift-fallout or just life and its meaninglessness.

UPDATE: It must also be noted in all fairness that some people are rather good at searching and do construct rather good search strings that return the desired results. Those surprise me too. I have actually discussed this with some of my friends that look for bits and pieces of information on the web, so I am not just inferring from my casual glances at the back-end of wordpress statistics.

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