Rachid Boudjedra

Been asked lately a lot of questions, but then I have been asking even more questions…

But who do you read?
What do you read?
Why the mystery about your past life?
What about this thing with you and the French language?
Why do you often say inshallah?

I do not think that there is anybody who knows the whole story of my involvement and interest in Algeria. Of all the things I talk about, that is not one that I talk about. Even my arab friends are rather discreet about asking me questions about this whole chapter of my life. The latter is perhaps not too surprising, arab culture – if one can use such an expression – excels in discretion.

I am now reading Rachid Boudjedra, and he is not easy to read. In addition, there are not many translations to English or German of his works, so if you read neither French nor Arabic, your choice is limited. It is worth a try, though.

“Timimoun” (Rachid Boudjedra)

“Topographie idéale pour une agression caractérisée” (Rachid Boudjedra)

“Lettres algériennes” (Rachid Boudjedra)

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