DSC 1843, originally uploaded by Dannie Jost.

This morning I snapped the telefoto lens on the dSLR because of the cherry tree. The cherry tree is really late this year, there are now just buds, and on sunnier parts of town, the cherry trees are in full bloom. This year I am only interested in the blossoms of this cherry tree, the first thing that I see each morning when I open the door to the garden. Most likely it was late last year too, the tree is in a very shady part of the garden, but then I was not paying too much attention, and not waiting for it to blossom.

My relationship to these cherry blossoms are the expression of my life these days. I may miss seeing them this year as in a week’s time I will be going to Labaroche in the Alsace and be there for a whole week.

After taking a few shots of the cherry blossom buds, I went to the front of the house and played a bit with the light and the sculptures in the front yard. That was something that I had meant to do for over an year, and today was finally the day. The telefoto was not necessarily the ideal lens for such a task, but I do like how it gets up close and it is a lens that in spite of all its shortcoming does produce results that I like. I do love the structure, lines and textures in natural light and the play with the shadows. I made a selection of these and together with another set that I had shot last summer have collected them in this set on flickr, one of several in a collection that i named the next. All the sculptures are the work of Elsbeth Röthlisberger.

Besides doing laundry, playing Second Life, and reading there was not much that I did today. Also took a stroll around the Rosengarten and had a look at the cherry trees in blossom on the hill, sat at Starbucks with a soya latte, ignored the world around me and kept on reading. I think I have been living around here for a while, it seems that I can not go out without bumping into somebody whom I know, today was no exception.

I think I needed a bit of a rest. Yesterday was a demanding day, for all it asked of me was to just keep my feet on the ground, and that is not always that easy. Still, I celebrated yesterday.