The Labaroche 2007 Photos

DSC 2814, originally uploaded by Dannie Jost.

On both flickr and 23 there are three sets or albums that have been hand picked from about 1’500 frames.

A big thanks to Gabriel Valibouze Sensei – shown here on this frame – who each year continues to organize and welcome us all in Labaroche.

I would love to write a bit how it really was for me this time around in Labaroche, once more there is too much that I would like to do and not enough hours in the day, so this very pleasurable activity of writing for public eyes what goes inside my innards will have to wait for another occasion. I have a deadline on the horizon, and well, you know how it goes. There is just now.

Technical Note: The uploading to 23 is giving me quite some grief and there are multiple copies of some shots. At the time of this writing not all photos have been uploaded to 23, however the flickr sets are up and can be found in the Aikido collection.

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