I Have Waited for this Day

No, it is not because it is the first of May. But for this day, I have waited. It met me today by surprise, like life has a habit of doing.

I had an early appointment in town this morning and the absolute need to go fortify myself with a soya latte at Starbucks afterwards. There I bumped into a couple related to one of my closest friends and whom I had seen last in 2004. They did not recognize me, and I did not remember their first names either. After we refreshed our memories, I sat down and read a bit of one book that I am reading at present, and then headed to a shop where I need to have an item exchanged. At the shop’s door I was greeted with a sign that informed that because it is the first of May, they are closed. I was sure that I was not going to spend understanding quanta or spill annoyance over such careless use of my time. I looked upwards to my right wondering in which direction I wanted to go, and what is next on my list for the day. In that moment my gaze encounters a man’s figure and after he had walked past me I realized who he was.

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To be within just centimeters of someone with whom I have shared intense personal moments, and then to not even immediately recognize him just a few years past seems virtual. What went on the other side of this encounter I have absolutely no idea and have no inclination to speculate. It is not that I can ever forget the man, he gave me one precious gift that perhaps only I appreciate. Relationships are by nature asymmetric and often for the whole to have a rythm of its own, also rather asynchronous. This one was a short and very inspiring symphony.

I have on occasions wondered what it would be like if ever I would bump into him. Today I got the answer. I met a stranger whom I barely recognized.