May 3, 2007

white umbrella, originally uploaded by TommyOshima.

I think that life decided to play one great practical joke on me. I am all of a sudden …

I am all of sudden filled with amusement at the fact that today is my fiftieth birthday. How did I get to live so long?

I do not even remember being born, childhood I would rather forget, and I caught up with adolescence just a few years ago. I feel fourteen, however the plumbing needs repair work, and a few parts had to be disposed of.

I wish I could think of something meaningful to write on this occasion and all that comes to mind now is that I do have two deadlines on the horizon, one of which is on Friday, that I need sleep, that I have much reading to do, more writing even, and that I like the place where I find myself right now.

Really, I do like how the place where I am right now. I could tell you about the great discussions that Matthias and I had last night over dinner, or all the little bits and pieces of the disarray of my life. I could tell you about all the little fortuitous incidents that keep happening, and how all of a sudden it all seems so effortless. I could tell you about the nap that I took yesterday afternoon in the garden warmed by the spring sun, or I could tell you how schemata has me spellbound in the magic of the story. I could tell you what progress Theoretical Man is making, and I could tell you how awed I am at what is coming in my direction these days.

But, hey… it is as it is.

Many thanks to all of those who congratulated me the day before, starting with Stefan, then Stephanie… and a few more.

Life is a wondrous adventure! It is raining outside, I like it when it rains on my birthday.