Communication: 4 minutes

Yesterday I left my working and living place that I am fond of calling the tensoriana garage at 5:25 pm with the goal of being on the tatami at 6:00 pm sharp. Actually that would be not much of a feat on most days. However since the reconstruction of the Berne train station square has begun, it is a formidable task. The bus and tram circulation have been severely disrupted. I am sure that the Bernmobile logistics folks are doing their best, but when it comes to me going from here to the Aikido dojo, it is a mess. I used to be able to manage from door to tatami – bus 12 then change to 13 or 14 at the train station, and getting into my training gi – in 30 minutes, but now it needs anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

I was late in leaving because I had to get a piece of paper-work finished and get it to the post office yesterday. However I indulged first in an extended afternoon coffee break with my neighbour and for which I have absolutely no regrets. As I was approaching the bus station I see another neighbour coming from the opposite direction. We had not talked or seen each other in a while although we live in the same house, and we have meant to get together for dinner now for quite some time. A quick glance at the electronic information board at the bus station announced that I had 4 minutes before the bus arrived. We seized the 4 minutes and caught up on the schedules for the next couple of weeks, made some plans, and organized the care of my basil while I am in Copenhagen.

It is indeed incredible how much one can get organized and communicated in four minutes!

Yesterday the traffic did flow a bit more smoothly through the mess of the Berne train station, and at 6:10 pm I was on the tatami. What was disconcerting is that we were all late, all four of us. Jacques and I took the bus together at City West, and Ivo and Guido were also late for whatever reason. Is this synchronicity? Perhaps not, just one of those days.

Training was fun and I was not much with it. A few times I caught my thoughts interfering and me being off by not being able to internalize the movement and the required presence. We did variations of shomein uchi shiho nage and uchi kaiten sankyo and a few times I totally lost it. There are days like that. I could explain it by saying that it was because I had gotten up at 4 am that day, or it could be because there is much on my mind, and that I am as I am, distracted on occasions.

Today being Saturday I had my sights on Karate training this morning, but I forgot to fix the bug on the synchronization between iCal and my phone and the alarm went off one hour too late. That was too late to make it down the hill to the dojo. I went to bed really late, I stayed up until 2 am this morning all stoked listening to the pre reboot interviews. Yes, I had a 22 hour day yesterday.

I am however left in a strange place when it comes to communication. I am observing something change faster than I can put my finger on it, and I do suspect that it is me who is changing, not the world.